The greatest responsibility of any hospitality professional is the safety and security of the hotel’s guests and employees.  Tumi Staffing shares this responsibility and is committed to the continuous training of our employees. The result is a safer work environment with employees who are committed to the safety and security of your hotel’s guests and employees.


At Tumi Staffing we emphasize quality of work during the selection process, during our training program and on an ongoing basis for their entire employment tenure.  We provide the highest level of guest services includes a commitment to quality accommodations and maintenance of the hotel grounds, public areas, guest rooms, food and beverage outlets, as well as equipment and back of the house areas.  This commitment to quality of work translates to higher guest satisfaction, higher QA Scores, more efficient departmental operations, and lower departmental and facilities maintenance costs.


We understand the value of a smiling face and a kind word to the guests, and we strive to ensure that our employees are engaged with your guests and your staff in a positive manner that reinforces your hotel’s commitment to the guest experience.  Our employees meld seamlessly with your team and organization and that includes interfacing with the guests and other employees.  Tumi Staffing employees are committed to treating hotel guests, staff and each other with gracious courtesy and respect at all times.


Tumi Staffing will provide you with a personal commitment from our dedicated Hospitality Staffing Manager as a point of contact for you and your staff.  Our Hospitality Staffing Manager is on call 24-7.  No more leaving messages and hoping someone calls you back while you are left wondering whether or not you will be able to cover the work assignments if the message is never returned.  We take a proactive approach to scheduling, staffing and training, to make sure you have the people you need, when you need them.


Let us tell you about OUR SERVICES and how they can make increase Quality while reducing
expenses for your hotel staffing.